13 Dec 2018

First Group Meeting

Today, Maciej and Justyna joined in our first Group Meeting. Since now we will meet together on a biweekly basis discuss current results, new directions, new literature findings to stayed tuned with other researchers. They both presented short reports about their field of interest (literature search and first results). We have a really great scientific brainstorm and I hope it gave them as much of an additional motivation as I gained today.

26 Nov 2018

Networking experience

I have a pleasure to announce that I was invited to the AVL Software and Functions company and had a very interesting meeting and discussion about all-solid-state batteries including expecations and perspective of the industial sector. This was a very informative session to me and refreshed my viewpoint on the manufacture needs. I hope that I also identified the scientific challanges we are phasing right now working on this energy storage problem.

23 Nov 2018

LEES Seminar Preview

On 30 November 2018 at 2:30 pm I will present a lecture about solid-state batteries and this project assumptions during the Laboratory of Electrochemical Energy Sources (LEES) Seminar in the room 305 (the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw).

01 Nov 2018

New Team Members

I would like to introduce my new motivated team members: Maciej Boczar, MSc. and Justyna FrÄ…ckiewicz, Eng. who recently joined this project.