December 21, 2019

Final Review by iKNOW-WHO

Written by: DAZ

Between 18-20 December one of my coworker and I from the University of Warsaw attended the Final review of the iKNOW-WHO Challenge. The meeting was organized in Berlin, Germany. All attending groups presented their final work, achievements, and remarks. Biotronik company team evaluate these mini-projects based on the technology advancements and their company needs. We had a chance for great scientific discussion and networking with some European university groups. Biotronik staff chose the Fudan University project that was based on conventional Li-ion battery due to its technological readiness. Biotronik team was although impressed of the technology advancements in the novel battery topics and proposed a future collaboration in term electrochemical tests at the company facilities and possibility for common projects. We were glad we had a chance to take a part of that challenge. We change a bit our perspective and hope for more such interesting initiative in the future.