30 Sep 2020

Project extended to June 2021

The project has been extended by the Foundation for Polish Science to the end of June 2021 due to pandemic circumstances and technical challenges we faced on the way. Thanks to this extension we will be able to sum-up our research on high-voltage cathode structural investigations including theoretical DFT calculations, solid-state electrolyte improvements with detailed analysis on conduction mechanism (including temperature EIS and NMR studies) and thin layer all-solid-state battery design trails and prototype selection.

15 Jul 2020

New Paper Release in JPS

On July 15th, 2020, we have published, together with collaborators from University of Louisville, a new paper on solid state electrolyte synthesis:

26 Jun 2020

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020

I participated in the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) which is the biggest annual event dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe organized by the European Commission.

26 May 2020

European Perspectives on Batteries of the Future

At this first online conference held on 25-26 of May the partners of BATTERY 2030+ presented a selection of European research and participated into later discussions. The aim of the conference was to discuss the latest research in Europe in relation to the newly launched BATTERY 2030+ roadmap.

16 Apr 2020

International Patent Application Filed

I am happy to inform that the PCT/US2020/028471 international patent application was filed April 16, 2020. This invention will be shared between the University of Louisville and the University of Warsaw. I thank both parties for their help. I would like to congratulate to my partners and co-inventors: Dr. Hui Wang, and Dr. Thad Druffel! This application covers the method for wet chemical synthesis of lithium argyrodites, the materials that are one of the most promising solid-state electrolytes in next generation Li batteries.

01 Feb 2020

New In Situ Raman Data

Maciej came back from his international internship in USA. He collected many interesting structural and morphological data on battery materials. Especially important are in situ Raman data collected on working Li-ion battery. He observed the cycling performance in connection with the structural changes. He focused on the high voltage window and possibility to use such cathode materials once better high-voltage electrolytes will be available. He also started ex situ examination of the electrodes (XRD and XPS) which he plans to continue here, at the University of Warsaw.

21 Dec 2019

Final Review by iKNOW-WHO

Between 18-20 December one of my coworker and I from the University of Warsaw attended the Final review of the iKNOW-WHO Challenge. The meeting was organized in Berlin, Germany. All attending groups presented their final work, achievements, and remarks. Biotronik company team evaluate these mini-projects based on the technology advancements and their company needs. We had a chance for great scientific discussion and networking with some European university groups. Biotronik staff chose the Fudan University project that was based on conventional Li-ion battery due to its technological readiness. Biotronik team was although impressed of the technology advancements in the novel battery topics and proposed a future collaboration in term electrochemical tests at the company facilities and possibility for common projects. We were glad we had a chance to take a part of that challenge. We change a bit our perspective and hope for more such interesting initiative in the future.

07 Dec 2019

2019 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, USA

During 2019 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, USA, Maciej Boczar presented a poster presentation entitled: Optimization of NMC Electrode for High-Voltage Lithium Batteries. He received took several interesting discussions during a poster session and had a chance to discuss NMC technology with gathered researchers from around the world. During this conference he had also the opportunity to learn from several talks on lithium batteries. He gained new knowledge on battery materials, their modifications and advanced characterizations and have several new ideas for future experiments.

01 Nov 2019

USA Internship of Maciej

PhD student Maciej starts his three-months doctoral internship in USA. He will be staying at the Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research at the University of Louisville. He is going to be supervised by Dr. Jacek Jasinski, the Theme Leader of Materials Characterization group, an expert in electron microscopy and spectroscopic methods. His laboratory is equipped with highly specialized characterization machines including HR-TEM, HR-SEM with EDX, XPS and Raman spectrometers, and X-ray diffratometer. Maciej will be trained in most of that equipment and will continue his work on high-voltage cathode materials. The main aim for him is to receive in situ Raman data on cathode materials and complementary ex situ data sets (XRD, XPS). He will also performed measurement on raw materials using Raman, SEM and XRD. Most interesting samples will be check in TEM.

22 Oct 2019

Batteries Europe General Assembly

As a member of the BATTERIES 2030+ initiative, I participated today in BatteRies Europe Working Group 1 (New & Emerging Battery Technologies) meeting and General Assembly organized by the European Commission. The WG1 composed of European researchers working on batteries discussed on the novel energy storage technologies, battery research and funding that should be focused on during the next EU perspective (2021-2027). Furthermore, the general remarks and recommendations of the WG1 panel was shown during the General Assembly at the EC.

20 Oct 2019

New Team Member

I would like to introduce my new team member: Krzysztof Słupczyński who recently joined this project.

09 Oct 2019

Nobel Prize for Li-Ion Battery Fathers

Our laboratory members had the honor to participate in the very special battery conference ABAA-12 in Ulm, Germany. Today, during the special session where Professor M. Stanley Whittingham was a plenary speaker, he received the message that he just got the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2019! I have never seen any bigger applause at the conference meeting. This was a unique moment for Professor Whittingham, and for entire community of electrochemist researchers and battery manufacturers.

20 Sep 2019

European Materials Research Society meeting

On 16th Sep Maciej Boczar presented his talk during the E-MRS Fall Meeting held in Warsaw (Poland) at the Warsaw University of Technology. This presentation, entitled: NMC Electrode Stabilization Study for High-Voltage Battery Applications, was found very interesting by the audience. He received several comments and questions and had a chance to discuss his topic with gathered researchers. During this conference we had an opportunity to listen to several talks and see posters presented on lithium battery and post lithium technologies (Na-ion batteries, Zn-batteries, all-solid-state systems, solid electrolytes, supercapacitors etc.). We also had an occasion to step back and reevaluate some of our goals.

09 Aug 2019


This week 2 coworkers and I from the University of Warsaw attended the Mid-Term review of the iKNOW-WHO Challenge. The meeting was organized in Senoren, Sweden between 7th and 8 th August 2019. All attending groups presented their current works and achievements and the Biotronik company had a chance to evaluate these mini-projects. We had a chance to scientifically discuss found challenges and network with some European university groups as well to further discuss possible doubts/comments about shown results with Biotronik staff to better understand their point of view and company vision. This is a really interesting experience since none of us have taken part in such an initiative before, and it will also improve our interpersonal skills.

29 May 2019

LOCAL KICK OFF at University of Warsaw

This week we hosted a Biotronic R&D employee and I-Know-How personnel at the Faculty of Chemistry University of Warsaw. We showed them our laboratories and equipment. They had a chance to look closer at the battery preparation techniques, our battery set-ups, characterization methods etc. we established in Warsaw. We had a few meeting afterwards to discuss the most important milestones and questions. We look forward to the next meeting in August.

15 May 2019

New battery tester with EIS module

We are happy to announce that thanks to the Foundation for Polish Science we welcome a new battery tester with an EIS module in our laboratory this month. This equipment has 8 channels and will greatly improve our efficiency in the project. We will now be able to perform measurements such as chronopotentiometry, cyclic voltammetry as well as EIS characteristics.

12 Apr 2019

3rd Interdisicplinary FNP Conference

Over the last 2 days Maciej Boczar and I attended a very interesting Interdisicplinary FNP Conference held in Warsaw, Poland. We had the opportunity to present a poster presentation showing the aims and challenges of this project (“Challenges of a new generation lithium battery: finding suitable components for the all-solid-state system”), and talk to other FNP laureates working on similar topics. We enjoyed many lectures and discussion with researchers and FNP personnel. This was very constructive and informative meeting.

12 Mar 2019

iKNOW-WHO Challenge

I had the pleasure to take part in the Biotronik challenge organized by the I-Know-Who company in Berlin (Germany). Our battery group from the University of Warsaw was invited to participate in the competition about new bio-medical energy storage systems to be used in future pacemakers produce by Biotronik (Litronik) company. During this trip we had several interesting meetings with officials from the R&D departments of this company, saw their current production plant, and understoo their challenge much better. We are looking forward to possibly fulfilling their requirements and providing interesting solutions for their applications.

13 Dec 2018

First Group Meeting

Today, Maciej and Justyna joined in our first Group Meeting. Since now we will meet together on a biweekly basis discuss current results, new directions, new literature findings to stayed tuned with other researchers. They both presented short reports about their field of interest (literature search and first results). We have a really great scientific brainstorm and I hope it gave them as much of an additional motivation as I gained today.

26 Nov 2018

Networking experience

I have a pleasure to announce that I was invited to the AVL Software and Functions company and had a very interesting meeting and discussion about all-solid-state batteries including expecations and perspective of the industial sector. This was a very informative session to me and refreshed my viewpoint on the manufacture needs. I hope that I also identified the scientific challanges we are phasing right now working on this energy storage problem.

23 Nov 2018

LEES Seminar Preview

On 30 November 2018 at 2:30 pm I will present a lecture about solid-state batteries and this project assumptions during the Laboratory of Electrochemical Energy Sources (LEES) Seminar in the room 305 (the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw).

01 Nov 2018

New Team Members

I would like to introduce my new motivated team members: Maciej Boczar, MSc. and Justyna Frąckiewicz, Eng. who recently joined this project.