Dr. Dominika Ziółkowska

Portrait of Dr. Ziółkowska I am a motivated and passionate researcher in the field of material science and solid-state chemistry. My expertise includes the processing and modification of solid-state materials, their characterization using advanced characterization tools, and electrochemical characterization. I am excited about the research and development of energy storage and conversion materials for science and industry. My dream is to be a part of scientific discoveries and bring them into an industrial reality.

I recently started a new exciting journey as a project manager of the scientific project on the development of all-solid-state batteries through the HOMING Programme supported by the Foundation for Polish Science.

I am currently looking for team members for this project.

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wet chemistry, solid-state chemistry and physics, surface chemistry, electrochemistry, materials science, nanomaterials, nanocomposites, oxide, sulfides, phosphates, thiophosphates, carbon and 2D materials.

Advanced Material Characterization

microscopy: SEM, TEM; spectroscopy: EDX, EELS, XPS, Raman spectroscopy, FTIR, ICP-MS; diffraction: SAED, XRD; surface and thermal methods: BET, TGA, DSC.

Electrochemical Characterization

battery/ supercapacitor assembly, battery/ supercapacitor galvanostatic/ potentiostatic, testing, fuel cell components testing, CV, EIS.


16 Scientific Publications with 210 Total Citations

16 Presentations at international conferences

1 Pending Patent Application

9 Scholarships (Poland, France)

8 Grands and Projects as a project manager or main project researcher

5 courses and 15 certifications in technology transfer, entrepreneurship, project management, leadership, teaching, and programming

6 International Internships (USA, Taiwan, Sweden) with ~4 years abroad

3 Laboratyories designed and equipped for battery research at the University of Warsaw

Co-supervisor of an undergraduate student (B.Sc. thesis defended in September 2016)

Finalist of 51st Polish Chemistry Olympics (2005)



Post-doctoral Research

Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research University of Louisville (USA)


PhD in Solid State Physics

University of Warsaw (Poland)

Defended: 07 December 2015

Academic title received: 16 January 2016

PhD Thesis title: Physical Investigations of Nanomaterials for Lithium Ion Batteries


MSc. in Chemistry

Université de Provence in Marseille (France)

Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse (France)

Université de Picardie Jules Vernes in Amiens (France)

Universidad de Córdoba (Spain)

Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)

Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)

European Master Program: Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion


MSc. Eng. in Chemical Technology

Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)

Title: In Situ Studies of Proton-Exchanged Membrane for Fuel Cells using Raman Spectroscopy

Defended: 14th September 2010 (Amiens, France), and and 28th October 2010 (Warsaw, Poland)