November 1, 2018

New Team Members

Dominika Ziolkowska, PhD, Project Manager

Written by: DAZ

I would like to introduce my new motivated team members: Maciej Boczar, MSc. and Justyna Frąckiewicz, Eng. who recently joined this project.

Maciej Boczar

Maciej is a PhD student at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw and for the next 2 years will continue his work in my group. He has a background in chemistry (with an emphasis on physical chemistry, and especially interested in electrochemistry). He worked on various energy storage projects for more than 4 years and gained additional experience during several R&D internships (both Italy and Poland). He co-authored several research papers and conference presentations on new battery material. His thesis topic covers the application of novel cathode materials in lithium-ion batteries.

Justyna Frąckiewicz

Justyna is a Master student at the Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology where she studies Technical Physics. She is interested in solid state physics and electrochemistry and thus she found this project very interesting. As a young researcher, she already co-authored a paper in the international journal and conference presentations based on her Engineering Thesis foundings.

I welcome Maciej and Justyna in my first research group and I am looking forward to productive and successful research with them.